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MCCA Showcases are meant to be enjoyed, memorable, and STRESS FREE for you and your student. Here are some helpful tips to keep your showcase running smoothly and stress free!

1.Practice- The number one tip to help your child prepare for showcase is for them to practice their showcase pieces not just at the center but also at home. Practicing builds confidence, and confident performers are relaxed performers. Students are able to enjoy the showcase experience in a stress free way when they feel confident about their performance piece. Have them put on a show for you at home and help them get excited and comfortable about performing on the big stage.

2. Costumes: Make sure performers can easily move in their costumes, and that they feel comfortable and empowered in their costume.  LABEL EVERYTHING; costumes, shoes, tights, props, etc.  Labeling everything is a LIFE SAVER!

3. What to Bring to Rehearsal and to Performance: LABELED costumes, shoes, water bottles, props, and bags. Other things to bring- Hair Supplies, Makeup Supplies, Non-messy snacks like goldfish, crackers, fruit snacks. Snacks and water bottles should be easy for your student to access, as well as opening and closing. 

4. Rehearsal and Performance Schedule Check In: Check in with your teacher, your Band chat, and check out MCCA Calendar!

5. Get ready before you leave the house: All students are required to come to dress rehearsal and showcase fully dressed and hair ready!

6. Arrive early: Avoid stress, find a good parking spot, and help keep your student organized and calm.

7. Check in: Once you arrive at rehearsal or the performance, you will check your child in with a MCCA teacher. Teachers will then escort students to their designated seating areas. We encourage parents to stay for rehearsal in the event that we finish early.

8. Enjoy your child’s performance: Children will sit in the audience in their designated seating areas during rehearsal, and backstage during the showcase performance. Teachers and MCCA Student Ambassadors will help them with everything they need so you enjoy the performance! Parent's are encouraged to stay in the audience and enjoy the show until pick up in our designated hallway. 

9. Create memories! Take photos and video prepping before and after the showcase and tag @mymcca so we can share your memories on our social media outlets.

10. HAVE FUN!- The most important of all the tips is it to enjoy the process and have fun! We are students to shine and feel confident and for our parents and families to have a stress free experience. 

Thank you so much for being a part of our 10 year season! We are so excited to see everyone shine this weekend!

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