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Student Shout Out: Izzy

Ms. Jamie selected Izzy because she is such a joy to have in the studio. She is always hard-working and has such a positive attitude. When asked to try something new, her response is never “I can’t”, but it’s always “I’ll try my best”. She not only leads by example, but often takes time to help those around her as well. Izzy truly demonstrates the character of MCCA and motivates the creative, compassionate artist all around her.

Why do you love coming to MCCA Classes?

"I love coming to MCCA because I've been coming here since I was 5. I love all the people and I love learning new things."

What do you love to do outside of MCCA?

"I take Protege Jazz, Ballet, and Tap"

What is your favorite subject at School?

"My favorite subject is Math."

What is your favorite memory from MCCA?

"My favorite memory is going to dance competitions because I get to meet new people and do new things."

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