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Senior Profile: Kenzie!

How long have you been a student, favorite classes, favorite memories, what you’ve learned, what you’ve gained, etc.

I have been a student at MCCA for 7 years. I have taken a variety of dance, musical theater, voice, and acting classes during my time here. I have loved being in the Protege dance program because it has allowed me to fall in love with dancing all over again and become confident in my skills as not only a dancer, but a person. One of my favorite memories from MCCA definitely has to be performing 13 Jr New Works on the main stage at the Junior Theatre Festival in front of 6500 people. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience. MCCA has given me so many friendships, taught me so many life lessons, given me space to grow into the human I am today, and has given me the confidence I will carry with me in everything I do in the next chapter of my life. 

Describe your senior year in three words.

Challenging, eye-opening, exciting. 

If you could change one school rule, what would it be?

One school rule I would change would definitely be allowing us to carry backpacks around so we don’t have to carry all of our books in our hands all day. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years, I see myself hopefully working in a school as a Speech Therapist, living in a city (preferably New York), and performing at any chance I get. I also hope to be teaching theater and/or dance in some capacity, and having all the wonderful people in my life now still in my corner supporting me!

What is the most challenging task as a senior?

The most challenging task as a senior has been accepting that I am growing up and my life is changing. While I am so excited for my next chapter of my life, it is hard to move on from my childhood and youth. However, I am excited to have more freedom, explore college life, and continue growing on whatever path life takes me. 

I am most grateful for…

I am most grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life. My family, whose support and confidence in me has never wavered, all of my wonderful friends who love me for who I am and show me everyday that it’s okay to be myself, and all of my teachers and mentors at MCCA who have always given me the space to explore who I am and give me the tools and confidence I need to grow into myself. 

What is your dream college and why?

My dream college would have to be NYU, because it has always been my dream to live in New York. While I won’t be attending NYU, I still hope to one day live in New York City.

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would love to live in Germany because it is where my family is from and it is a beautiful country. 

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

An interesting fact about myself is that I had open heart surgery when I was 3!

Who is your favorite band?

My favorite band would have to be The Replacements.

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