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Top 10 Tips Preparing for Showcase!

Updated: May 30, 2022

We are so excited for MCCA's Spring 2022 Swingin' on a Star Showcase! This is the first time back on the big stage in two years! Here are some helpful tips to keep your showcase running smoothly and stress free!

  1. STEP 1: Practice, Practice, Practice: The number one tip your dance teacher is going to tell you to help your child prepare for their dance recital is for them to practice the routines they are learning not just at the dance studio but also at home.

  2. Practice Hair and Make Up Before Your Recital: If this is your first time preparing for a dance recital, especially if your child is young, taking the time to practice putting light makeup on your child and doing their hair will make the day run so much more smoothly.

  3. Practice Fast Costume Changes: Honestly, if you have practiced them even once, then you will know what issues you might encounter on the day – a hook that is hard to undo, a buckle that might catch on tights for example.

  4. Practice Healthy Eating and Sleeping Habits: One of the best things that you can do for yourself and more importantly for your child before a dance recital is to make sure they are sleeping and eating well in the days leading up to the performance.

  5. Schedule Check In: Check in with your teacher, your Band chat, and check out MCCA Calendar!

  6. Things You Need to Prepare: LABEL EVERYTHING; costumes, each shoes, water bottles, bags, etc. Trust me, labeling everything is a LIFE SAVER! Don't forget to pack: Hair Supplies, Makeup Supplies, Costumes in the order they are being used, Tights, Dance shoes, Tickets for the recital, Closed Water Bottle, Non-messy snacks like goldfish, crackers, Props

  7. Get your dancer as ready as you can before you leave home! All students are required to come to dress rehearsal and showcase fully dressed and hair ready!

  8. Arrive early. Avoid stress, find a good parking spot, and help keep your student organized and calm by not rushing!

  9. Enjoy your child’s performance! Children will stay back stage during showcase in designated class areas with Teachers and Student Assistances. We will help them with everything they need, so enjoy the performance! Parent's are discouraged to be back stage unless picking up your child to leave.

  10. Create memories! take photos and video prepping before and after showcase!

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