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Practice Makes Progress

Practice Makes Progress From Miss Jacki

Hello MCCA family!

As we all begin to navigate our new world of virtual classes, one thing that remains the same is the value of practicing your craft at home. Whether we are holding class face-to-face or over the internet, a key element to learning performing arts skills is setting aside the time to practice and rehearse in between classes. In the current upheaval and uncertainty of our world, setting up a solid practice routine will work wonders for your skills and your sense of accomplishment. And aren’t we all craving a sense of normalcy right now?

Whether you are learning an instrument, discovering your voice, memorizing lines, or perfecting your pirouette – here is a handy list of tips to guide you to success:

1. Set a specific goal for every practice session. Decide what you want to achieve and make it something you can measure. By focusing on the outcome, you will arrive there more quickly and find it far more satisfying.

2. Remove distractions. We all might find this increasingly difficult as more time is spent at home, but setting aside a quiet place without any unnecessary devices and noises will work wonders for your focus. The power of undistracted practice isn’t just that you get more done. It maximizes your chance to be fully immersed in what you are doing.

3. Vary your practice techniques. Practicing a piece of music or choreography the same way every time can become monotonous. Don’t be afraid to change it up! Try something facing a different direction, slow it down or speed it up, expand your mind and add any variety that you can think of. If you’ve spend a large amount of time working the same piece of material, take a break from it and work on another song or dance.

4. Schedule a set time and stick to it. We all value routine, it keeps us grounded and focused. Pick a time of day when you have a lot of energy and minimal distractions. Set a reminder in your phone, write it on the calendar, put a post-it on your bathroom mirror – whatever you need to do to ensure you will remember to practice!

5. Find your inspiration. Practicing shouldn’t feel forced or like punishment. We take classes and lessons because we LOVE performing and the arts make our hearts feel full. Find what speaks to your heart and why you wanted to sing, play, dance, or act to begin with. Listening to music, watching videos of your favorite singers, dancers and performers, and taking time to slow down and meditate will all help lead you to success.

6. Be kind to yourself. No one expects you to be Mozart, Beyoncé, Sutton Foster or Misty Copeland. Setting goals and doing the best that YOU can do is all we could ever ask. If you are struggling with material, take a step back and a deep breath. Everyone makes mistakes and we are all still learning, even your teachers. Show yourself some grace and love, and don’t be afraid to reward yourself when you do achieve those goals!

As always, your MCCA teachers are here to guide you. If you need help working on class material, or just need someone to talk to, please reach out to us. We plan to remain connected as possible to all of our students and families – after all, our inspiration comes from YOU!

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