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MCCA Top Ten Words of Wisdom

We have completed week three back to classes at MCCA, and we couldn’t be more excited!! The energy in the building has been so contagious. We are so excited to reconnect with old friends and get to know new friends as we continue with classes this semester!

The beginning of the semester and the school year can be a bit of a crazy time, so we’re here with some reminders to inspire you (and us!) for a successful start to the season! We love Top Ten Lists at MCCA, so here are our Top Ten Words of Wisdom for back to school, MCCA-style!

  1. You can only be as kind to others as you are to yourself.

  2. A smile really helps! Everything is easier when you smile!

  3. Be prepared – preparedness and attitude are two things you can always control.

  4. You are responsible for the energy you bring into a room.

  5. Set some weekly, monthly, and semester goals for what you want to accomplish. Think of each weekly goal as a small stepping stone on the path to your semester goals.

  6. Take the plunge! Do some things that scare you!

  7. Confidence is simply learning how to trust yourself.

  8. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open; you never know what you may discover!

  9. We are often capable of so much more than we think we are. Allow yourself to push boundaries and explore new territories.

  10. You are ALWAYS enough.

Lovingly written by MCCA Vocal and Acting Instructor Shelby Herbert

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