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Alumni Review with Abby Mclaughlin!

1. How has your experience at Mountain City Center for the Arts influenced you?

My experience at MCCA has influenced my life in a million ways. The first ones that come to mind include having the confidence to be in a career that is forever changing and difficult, as well as being confident in myself and what I can bring to the table not only in the arts but also in my friendships and relationships.

2. Can you share some memorable moments or experiences during your time at Mountain City Center for the Arts?

I have so many amazing memories from my time at MCCA. One of my favorite memories happened on the opening night of Shrek Jr. I was given the opportunity to play the role of Princess Fiona, and in the middle of a number my skirt completely ripped off. While at the time it was quite embarrassing, I look back now and see how silly and memorable moments like that can really be. 

3. What do you miss most about MCCA?

I would have to say the number one thing I miss from MCCA would be the friends that I made while I was in classes. At MCCA, you get the chance to talk to kids you would never have had the chance to anywhere else, and they turn out to be some of your best friends. I even found friendship and understanding within the teachers, and that really shaped my experience there!

4. Are you still participating?

I am! I am currently in the production of “The Confession” at Bird-In-Hand Stage in Lancaster, PA as “Mary”. Besides my current contract, I’ve been fortunate enough for the last two years to tour nationally with Virginia Repertory Theatre in numerous of their shows. I even got to perform in Talkeetna and Anchorage in Alaska this past January!

5. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

I see myself working in the arts for many more years to come! While being on Broadway is a big dream of every actor, I just hope to have consistent work and be able to do what I love sustainably.

6. Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

While I love acting and singing, I’ve been getting into hiking and playing tennis!

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