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Student Directing Teams - 10 Year Concert!

See our Student Directing Teams below!!

From our Director: Coty Forno

"We are so excited for our upcoming “MCCA 10 Year Anniversary Concert.” The evening will take us down memory lane as we celebrate the 22 musicals MCCA has produced over the past 10 years. It has been so fun to see some of our favorite numbers come alive again onstage  with former cast members, current MCCA students, and the MCCA staff. One of the most amazing aspects of this show has been the addition of student directing teams. We wanted to provide our pre-professional students with more opportunities to learn how to create musical theatre. The concert felt like the perfect place for students to begin learning how to craft musical numbers without the pressure of creating a full show. Students are directing, choreographing, music directing, stage manganing, and more. It has been so rewarding to see them step into leadership positions. They have brilliant ideas, and lead their teams with compassion and confidence. These opportunities are so important to build confidence, empathy, and creativity now and for their future endeavors. We can’t wait for you to see their amazing work along with all of the fabulous performances. Bring your sparkles and get ready for an evening of MCCA musical theatre magic!" - Coty Forno

Performance Details!

Including out VIP TABLES, which will include Sweet & Savory Charcuterie Boards, Popcorn and Bottled Water for the whole table.


Hi! My name is Zoe Zuzak, I am the student choreographer for Shrek Jr.! The song that was chosen from Shrek is “What’s Up, Duloc?” I have been at MCCA for all 10 years, and I have been involved with all styles of dance, musical theater and JTF. Currently, I am enrolled in the pre-professional track and am involved in jazz, tap and contemporary classes. Being in this role has given me a new perspective in the studio and a new found respect for all of our instructors at MCCA. It has been a pleasure to work with the students and see my vision become a reality.

Hi, my name is Isabelle Carey and I’ve been going to MCCA for ten years! I’m in the protege program for Jazz, Ballet and contemporary this semester. I also take piano lessons! I am the student director for Oh biology from Freaky  Friday which is a number lead by the alumni and College students! It’s been so much fun getting to be a director for the first time! This has been such an amazing opportunity and I loved getting to work and collaborate with my creative team and cast on this number.  I’m so excited for everyone to see it!

Hi! My name is Corinna Hilderbrand (left in photo), and I am the music director for our High School Musical piece and one of the choreographers for the Music Man piece! I have been going to MCCA for about 7 years and have been enrolled in the pre-professional program for about 5 of them, taking classes in both dance and musical theater! I am currently taking jazz and tap. Working with this cast has been great for me because I've gotten to step outside of my comfort zone. There aren't many places I can get an opportunity to try new things like this, and I love being able to see what this new part of theater is like!

Hi! I’m Kenzie Pein, and I am the choreographer for I Just Can’t Wait To Be King from The Lion King and Everybody Wants To Be A Cat from Aristocats! I have been going to MCCA for 7 years and I have taken many classes, including pre-professional dance track, musical theatre, acting, and voice lessons, as well as attending JTF. Currently, I am in Protege jazz, ballet, and contemporary, as well as private voice lessons. This opportunity to work with our younger students and creating numbers to showcase their talents has been such a wonderful opportunity! It has been so rewarding to see my vision come to life and work closely with my team. I am so proud of all of the work everyone has put it, and I have learned so many new things being on the other side of a production!

Hi! My name is Fiona Youngblood, and I am the student production assistant for The Lion King Jr! The song that was chosen is “I can’t wait to be King”. I am enrolled in the luminary pre-professional program and I’m taking tap, jazz, contemporary, and ballet as well as attending JTF. I have been taking MCCA classes for 9 years. I like being a student production assistant because you get to get a feel of being a director, music director, and choreographer all in one job. I also like being on the production team because I get to see the number from another angle.

Hello, I am Chase Bishop and I am the director for I Just Can’t Wait To Be King from the Lion King Jr. I have been at MCCA for 2 years bow and have taken a number of pre professional theater classes as well as private voice lessons. I have really enjoyed working as a director because it has given me a newfound respect and appreciation for the hardworking my directors put in. It has been very rewarding to see something that was just a few scribbles in a notebook come to life in such a beautiful way. I can’t wait for people to see how hard the cast has been working!

Hi! I’m Liz and I am the music director for “Fat Sam’s Grand Slam” from Bugsy Malone Jr! I’ve been a student at MCCA for 4 years now! I’m in the protege dance track where I have taken classes in jazz, tap, and ballet. I’m also in the pre-professional theatre track and have done many of the pre-professional shows at MCCA while also taking private voice lessons! This is my first time music directing, and I’m so grateful for my patient and talented cast. Having experience on the other side of the creative process has opened my eyes and has given me a new respect for all that directors do to make a piece come to life.

Hi! My name is Gillian Myers and I am the director for “A Very Merry Unbirthday” from Alice and Wonderland Jr! I have been a student at MCCA since it opened 10 years ago, and I am currently enrolled in the protege dance program, voice lessons, and our pre-professional JTF company. One of my favorite parts of being a director has been reimagining this classic, beloved tale into something that is unique and personal to us. I’ve certainly gained an even deeper appreciation for our directing team here at MCCA, and I hope to do this again in the near future!!

Hi! My name is Penny Bogart (left in photo)! I’m the assistant director for Aristocat Kids! The song we are doing from "Aristocats is Everybody wants to be a Cat"! I am 13 years old and have been at MCCA for almost 10 years! I have done 9 musicals at MCCA, and loved every show! I’m also in the pre-professional dance classes at MCCA, in rising stars jazz and tap! I also take voice and ukulele lessons, and have been in the Junior Theatre festival stuff at MCCA! I also help out with teaching and helping classes with younger kids in them! So working in Aristocats, which has the younger members of our cast, has been something I really in enjoying doing!

Hi, my name is Emma Hughes (right in photo above), I am the student choreographer for music man jr.! Corinna and I choreographed music man when we did the full junior show back in may. We are doing 76 Trombones, and I’m so excited to rework our ideas and create new ones. I have been attending MCCA for 7 years! I am enrolled in the pre-professional program and involved in jazz, contemporary, ballet, and Pointe. Getting to be back in this role with Corinna has been so much fun! I love getting more experience with choreographing and working with the creative team!

Hello, my name is Lauryn Moyer I’m the production assistant for Junnie b. Jones top secret personal beeswax! I have been at MCCA since fall 2022 and I’m currently in LMT. It’s very exciting getting to work kinda behind the scenes and getting to do something different. The number is really fun and energetic, and I think the cast brings that energy perfectly! Everyone is doing such a great job so I can’t wait for people to see this when it’s done. I have loved working with everyone so much it’s been super fun and definitely I’ve learned a lot watching everyone!

Hello! My name is Sebastián Sainz, and I am the director for our selection from Dear Edwina Jr. I have been a student at MCCA since 2015 and I am in MCCA’s pre-professional program. I’ve taken acting classes, musical theatre classes, private voice, private piano, and have been in numerous productions. My favorite part of being on the student creative team has been working with the music director and choreographer for Dear Edwina as we watch our ideas become a reality! It’s so special to stand with your friends and see all of your thoughts and plans come to life knowing they were once just excited messages and conversations. I really have so much gratitude for all of the kids in my cast, because they have taken all of my instructions so well!! I love watching them get excited about the things I have planned, and I am SO proud of them! I can’t wait for everyone to see this number at the concert, and I hope they are moved by it like I have been.

Hello! I'm Cassidy Witt, and I am the music director for Junie B Jones. I wasn't originally in the show, so this is a new experience for me. I haven't done any music directing in the past, and it's been cool to have this experience and get to help out. I've been doing music and voice at MCCA for about 10 years now, what has prepared me for this new experience. I'm so excited for the show and I hope to get to come see it.

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