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Matthan Potts

MCCA Staff Matthan Potts
MCCA Staff Matthan Potts


  • Voice Instructor

  • Musical Theatre Instructor

  • Acting Instructor

  • Front Desk

Birthday:  June 4th


Favorite Color:  Green


Your role at MCCA:  I am an Acting and Voice instructor, but I also manage the front desk.


What classes do you teach:  I teach Musical Theatre, Advanced Musical Theatre, and Voice lessons. I also sometimes provide acting and audition technique lessons.


Who would play you in a movie and why?: I’m super torn on this! Right now I’m thinking of either Harry Styles or Dylan O’Brien. Both could easily catch my seriousness and goofiness that I bring to the world, but what I think makes them unique to me is that they would be open to play the sides that I don’t show many people. The sides that make me whole.


Name a song that describes your teaching style:  No Reason From BeetleJuice (A tad adult)


What is your favorite part of being an MCCA Teacher?  The Freedom to just be you. You don’t have to worry about messing up or getting it wrong, because you always have the support of the whole team behind you. You can just have fun and teach the next generation the beauty of the arts!


Top 5 words that come to mind when you think of YOUR MCCA: Passionate, Engaging, Family, Love, and Dedication.

Fun Facts!

Matthan's Bio

Matthan Potts is a voice and acting instructor who specializes in musical theatre. He is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, where he received his degree in acting, and a former student here at Mountain City Center for the Arts! Matthan has performed in many shows over the years, locally and in NYC, and hopes to continue to do so. Although Matthan has mostly studied stage acting, he has also been able to grow into the film and television industry. He has worked with several major networks including Netflix, History, and HBO. “MCCA has always been a home to me, and I could not be more proud to be back working with them! It is my goal to help everyone I can, who walks through our doors, to become the best version of themselves. I strive to bring acceptance and positivity into all of my classes and interactions I get to have with our students. It’s not just about learning to act, sing, or dance, it’s about finding yourself, allowing yourself to have fun, and just being you!” 

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