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Jessica Grapes

Jessica Grapes MCCA Staff


  • Ballet/Tap 1, Mini and Me, Private Tap, Protege Tap, Adult Tap

  • Marketing Director

  • Resident Graphic Designer

  • Website Designer

Jessica Grapes MCCA Staff

Birthday: January 19th


Favorite Color: Green


Your role at MCCA:  Marketing Director, Graphic Designer, and Dance Teacher


What classes do you teach: Tap, Ballet, Adult Classes


Who would play you in a movie and why?: Hummm... Maybe Natalie Portman


Name a song that describes your teaching style: Oh gosh... this one is too hard for me to answer  hahahaha


What is your favorite part of being an MCCA Teacher?  SO many things to just pick one! Connecting with students and working with my best friends are probably my favorite!


Top 5 words that come to mind when you think of YOUR MCCA: Unstoppable, Fierce, Love, Support, Family

Fun Facts!

Jessica's Bio

Jessica Seminerio Grapes is thrilled to be an original five year member of Mountain City Center of the Arts! She has studied tap, jazz and modern dance for over 30 years. In her first High School musical Anything Goes, where she played Bonnie, is when she found her love for the arts. After high school she dedicated her time to becoming educated in all aspects of the theatre arts.

Jessica gained her BA degree in Theatre and Dance from Frostburg State University. Her concentrations included directing, stage management, choreography, costume design, dance and acting. Jessica worked professionally in the DC/Northern VA area where she was the Company Production Manager for Charter Theatre. She was also the Choreographer, Costume Designer and performer for Synetic’s Children Theatre. As well as, the Costume Designer for RCC Theatre and an instructor of dance and acting at ArtistTree Theatre and Young Actors Theatre during her residency in DC.

Jessica has had the honor of attending Martha Graham intensive workshops as well as master classes with Dena Rizzo, Tommy Alexander, Zondaflex, and Musa Cooper. And, most recently, Dance Teacher Summit’s in Los Angeles and New York where Jessica was able study with the industry’s top professional choreographers and performers. Including Anthony Morigerato, Michael Minery, Mia Michaels, Wade Robson, Mandy Moore, and many more.

Jessica also enjoys helping out the behind the scenes at MCCA. She is MCCA's Marketing Director including all social media platforms, website design, graphic design, merchandising and sales!

Outside of MCCA Jessica is the proud mama of two MCCA Students Logan and Sofia! She is the owner and operator The Vapor Room and Yellow K Records with her husband Joshua. She is a Makeup Artist for events, weddings, and natural makeup with Seint Beauty to help women in Western MD feel their best self!

While Jessica has a passion for performing, her heart lies in educating and creating awareness in the performing arts. It is a dream of hers that with Mountain City Center for the Arts, she will be able to help bring education, experience, and performing arts awareness to Western Maryland and it’s expanding counties.

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