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Emilia Porter 

Emilia Porter MCCA Staff
Emilia Porter MCCA Staff


  • Ballet/Tap 2, Ballet/Tap/Jazz 3

Favorite Color:  Purple!!


Your role at MCCA:  

I am a pre-professional and developmental dance instructor! I also fill in as a substitute instructor!!


What classes do you teach: Ballet/Tap 2, Ballet/Tap/Jess 3


Who would play you in a movie and why?: Probably a blonde Zooey Deschanel! She’s weird, quirky, and adorkable like me!!


Name a song that describes your teaching style:  Run the World (Girls)


What is your favorite part of being an MCCA Teacher?  I LOVE the MCCA environment. The staff is amazing but so are the students. I love watching little performers grow up and become more confident by the day.


Top 5 words that come to mind when you think of YOUR MCCA: Belong, Confidence, Love, Fun, and Powerful!

Fun Facts!

Emilia's Bio

Emilia Porter couldn’t be more excited to be joining the Mountain City Center for the Arts staff!!! Emilia had been a student at MCCA since 2018 when she walked through the doors during an open house and immediately knew she was home. During her time as a student, Emilia was in the Pre-Professional track and every Musical Theater, Dance, Acting, and Voice lesson possible. Emilia was also a student ambassador for three years where she assisted teachers with their classes.


Emilia is currently enrolled at Frostburg State University where she studies Health Sciences. In her free time she enjoys Clatter coffeeruns, sushi dates and any excuse to visit Main Street. Books. As an avid reader she almost always has a book tucked in her purse to squeeze in one more chapter. She loves to travel the world with her family and trying fun Tik-Tok recommended restaurants. She also loves watching shows come to life on stage from local school productions to Broadway and everything in between.

She is so grateful for this opportunity to pour into students at MCCA and hopes that she can be the fierce, empowering, encouraging example to her students that Coty, Jamie, Shelby, Jacki, and Matthan have been and still are to her.

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