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Class Attire


In an effort to promote racial, gender, and body inclusivity, and to promote self-confidence and self-expression in our students, MCCA has shifted our dress code attire requirements for all group classes:


  • Students should wear form-fitting attire that supports the technical focus of classes and makes them feel confident.

  • Students in the Luminary Pre-Professional Program must follow the appropriate color guidance for each assigned level. This can be found in the Luminary Dance Program Manual and the Luminary Musical Theater Manual accordingly.

  • Musical Theatre and Acting classes attire should wear confortable clothing that they are able to move freely and feel confident.

  • Students must have hair secured out of the face and off of the neck for class.

  • Students must wear appropriate supportive undergarments.

  • Students must wear required shoes as specified for each class.


If you have questions or concerns regarding the dress code for your class please do not hesitate to connect with the instructor or any MCCA staff member.


Below are links for shoes and suggested attire for each class. You do not have to purchase from the links below. You may purchase from Amazon or any other place of your choosing. The links below are examples of what you will need per class requirements.

Suggested Attire by Class

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