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Tom Bond

Tom Bond MCCA Guitar Private Lessons


  • Guitar Instructor

Tom's Bio

Tom Bond is an experienced guitar teacher and musician who has been playing the guitar since the age of 14. Tom has gained a wealth of experience over the past 30 years, having played in multiple bands, and has accrued 20 years of teaching experience.
Tom was mostly self-taught, studying music and guitar theory while listening to and immulating those that inspired him. He believes that teaching music is a part of learning music.

Tom has been teaching guitar for many years and has developed a method of teaching that helps his students to progress quickly. He is passionate about teaching and enjoys helping his students reach their goals. He believes that students should be able to play the music they enjoy, as well as learning the basics of music theory.

Tom is always keen to share his knowledge with his students and loves to hear them progress. He is dedicated to helping his students achieve their goals and loves to see them reach their potential.

Tom is available for one-on-one lessons here at MCCA. He has a wide array of teaching styles, and can easily adapt to different learning styles.

If you are looking for a guitar teacher who has a passion for teaching and a wealth of experience, Tom Bond is the perfect choice.

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