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Student of the Week: Landon!

Our instructor Ms. Jacki chose Landon to represent MCCA this week!

"I chose Landon for a student shoutout because he always commits 100%. His energy is contagious and he’s so much fun to work with. Thanks to both his kindness and his work ethic, Landon truly embodies what it means to be a dedicated member of the MCCA family."

Landon is a 14 year old at Norther High School. He takes private lessons for Voice and Guitar, as well as, Luminary Pre-Professional classes in Jazz and Musical Theatre.

Get to know Landon! Here's what we asked him!

What are you most excited for in our 10th Anniversary session?

"I'm excited for our 10th Anniversary Concert! It sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun!"

What's your favorite thing about MCCA?

"The people. Because it's such a nice little community we've got here."

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

"Either an actor or a teacher!"

What is your favorite show you've been in at MCCA?

"High School Musical, it was so much fun! Very "dunkadelic"."

What are you involved in outside outside of MCCA and what is your favorite subject in school?

"I do theatre at my high school. I like History."

We are so thankful that MCCA gets to be apart of so many students lives like Landon! Learn more about MCCA at!

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