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Halloween Pre-Show Sign Up

Join us for the 2023 Frostburg Halloween Pre-Show Parade on October 30th from 5pm to 7pm!


This is a MCCA Community show, any 9 year old and up that is currently registered at MCCA is eligible to participate! Those signing up must agree to attend the following rehearsals:

  1. 10/6- Music 430-630pm

  2. 10/14- 10am-12pm

  3. 10/16- 430-630pm

  4. 10/17-430-630pm

  5. 10/18-430-630pm

  6. 10/27-430-630pm- Final Dress 

Sign ups for walking in the Halloween Parade for ages 2-8 will follow. Any one signing up for Pre-Show performance will automatically be added to the list for walking and performing in the parade, but it is not required.

Thanks for submitting!
We will be in contact shortly with additional details!
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